Loss of appetite in men can occur for various reasons. with anyone who is undergoing such problems will experience less desire to eat, have no interest or cravings from the inside for any food item, and even feel nauseating if told to eat.

Of course, some of the worst symptoms of a sudden loss of appetite are sudden extreme weight loss, feeling tired, fatigued, and having headaches and hallucinations. You see the importance of food cannot be illustrated more but it is almost like fuel for our body. If you don’t fuel your body in the right way and have an extremely low-calorie diet then what energy requirements during the day you may experience loss of appetite over time. Remember that such a type of disorder can have further worse complexities arising out of it which may force you to take a pill of Cenforce 100 mg.

Here we will find out just what are the different causes that men may suffer from loss of appetite and what you can do about it.

Causes for loss of appetite

You may lose your appetite for various reasons which can either be physical or psychological. it occurs temporarily when we suffer from disorders like rashes, injuries, fever, viral infections, digestive problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and much more.

Sometimes people are suffering from a severe medical condition and this may also lead to loss of appetite. For example, take cancer. Cancerous patients can encounter huge weight loss. Sometimes weight loss and loss of appetite can also occur due to ongoing treatment of various disorders.

So, health experts have coined a name for this disorder. If you undergo a complete loss of appetite over time then it can be claimed as anorexia.

Here are some of the common causes of loss of appetite

Common cold


Infections in the respiratory organs

Various types of viral infections


Upset stomach

Digesting problems

Acid reflux

Food poisoning



Intolerance to a specific food item


Changes in hormonal balances


Side effects of various medicines

Use of alcohol or having narcotic pills

Medication conditions leading to loss of appetite

One of the most concerning reasons for loss of appetite is suffering from a long-term disorder. Doctors say that your appetite can even take a hit because of reduced working of the immune system, feeling unwell, or having a pre-existing stomach problem.

Here is the list of disorders that may lead to loss of appetite-

Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease

Addison’s disease is a hormonal issue



A severe liver or kidney disorder

Calcium levels are too high in the blood


Hypothyroidism is low functioning of the thyroid gland and secreting fewer amounts of thyroxine hormone

Hyperthyroidism which is more amounts of thyroxine hormone in the blood

COPD diseases

Heart ailments

Colon cancer

Role of medicines in loss of appetite

It is not only the existence of some disorders that may force loss of appetite and bring to the verge of using pills likeFildenabut there are also some medicines and therapy or curative procedures of some disorders that may cause this problem.

One of the common disorders is constipation or diarrhea. There are a few medicines that can cause a loss of appetite and this includes-

Use of sedatives

Use of a few brands of antibiotics

Undergoing immunotherapy

Chemotherapy during cancer treatment

Radiation therapy

Apart from this, there are drugs for recreational purpose use or for reaching a high that also cause general loss of appetite over time. Some of the drugs that may bring forth such problems include cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamines.

Psychological causes and their role in the loss of appetite

If you are not fit psychologically then you will have a general disinterest to have food. Your emotional well-being also plays a critical role in your hunger drive. Here are some of the psychic problems causing loss of appetite-





Panic attacks


How can age play a role in the loss of appetite in men?

As our age increases you must have seen that some of the elderly people undergo loss of appetite. The fact is that elderly people do not need to have a similar type of calorie requirement as a young healthy man in his prime youthness.

But even then a person’s diet suffering from loss of appetite disorder is significantly lower. Some of the changes that bring about such consequences include digestive system malfunctioning or reduced efficiency with age, hormonal imbalances due to aging.

Cancers paving the way for loss of appetite

There are some forms of cancers too that might force you to lose appetite. And maybe several years down the line, you will have to force yourself to take a pill of Cenforce 150 mg later on each day.

Some of the cancers that may cause loss of appetite include-

Stomach cancer

Colon cancer

Intestinal cancer