When it is about laser techniques, the process seems extremely simple. Well, as a matter of fact, it is quite complicated and lengthy. However, as far as results are concerned, you can surely rely on laser tattoo removal.

The natural process:

Tattoo inks are made using several heavy metals. It is observed that tattoo inks usually contain metals like lead, copper, manganese, and some might even have mercury. These metals in ink is what makes the ink permanent.

Now, when the needle is used and ink is inserted deep into the skin, the immune system of our body recognizes it as a foreign material. A lot of white blood cells are dispatched to deal with this foreign particle. White blood cells break and escort minute ink particles to the liver and they are processed and excreted from there.

This natural process is the reason why tattoos fade over a period of time. However, since some ink particles are much larger, white blood cells cannot break them and thus tattoos are permanent. To know more, visit one of the best laser treatment clinics like https://www.epilationlaserplus.com.

The Laser Treatment:

When you take laser treatment to remove a permanent tattoo, the process simply speeds up the natural process of our body. Tattoo ink which is trapped in the deep layers of our skin is treated and shattered by the laser and the rest of the work is done by the natural immune system of our body.

During the process, laser light is applied on the skin and it heats up the skin and ink layer it reaches first. This means, the closest layers of inks are shattered first and then the deepest layers are treated.

If you have heard that it will just take one to two sittings to remove a tattoo, it is completely wrong. since ink is entered in many different layers of the skin, it will take multiple sitting to shatter it all. Besides, tattoos with dark and bold colors will need a number of treatments to be removed completely compared to tattoos with shaded colors.

Lastly, be prepared to face some severe pain, something even more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place. The laser heat is thousands of degree hot, but be rest assured it won’t damage any of your tissues. The process happens very fast and is specifically directed towards the ink only. All in all, it is safe to say that it is a painful process, but it will only last for a few seconds.