Prior to opting for a career in the dental care field, it is essential to understand the variation between the numerous career path available to you. In dental care industry, dentist and dental hygienist are the most popular career. The major dissimilarity between these two careers is the required educational eligibility and office duties.

In this write up, we’ll discuss about the difference between a dentist and dental hygienist and how to initiate each of these career paths.


The duties of a dentist include that treatment of the visitors or patients. He or she does treatment of diseases, a detachment of rotten teeth, filling cavities, applying caps and performing root canals. He or she doesn’t do the customer service type jobs as such jobs are reserved for dental hygienist.

On the other hand, the dental hygienist is largely accountable for making a patient relaxed and safe. He or she typically recommends patients treatment options that they probably undergo through. Also, the hygienist does a little office work such as preparing medical reports and x-ray process. Although, the assistant handles the most of the office work in a dentistry. Whereas, the hygienist executes the simple cure such as scaling and cleaning teeth. Dental hygienists have a very essential role assisting the dentist during treatment procedures and arranging the equipment before the treatment procedures.


A foremost dissimilarity between a dentist and a dental hygienist has to do with the academic qualification. Most aspirants seeking a career in dental hygiene will accomplish their program within two years. They will go through learning classes of physiology, oral health and anatomy. The majority of the dental hygiene courses can be accomplished in twenty-four months, but a few courses can last for extended years. The finest approach to prepare for a dental hygiene career is to go through the classes in science and math.

A dentist requires approximately three times as much edification in comparison to the dental hygienist. An aspirant seeking a career as a dentist will initially complete a four-year bachelor degree program at a certified dental institute. Once the bachelor degree is accomplished, the aspirant will acquire a four-year doctoral program in dentistry. Earlier than actually becoming a certified dentist, the candidate will require to accomplish one year internship or training where they will get hands on professional treatment. They will carry out treatment procedures on patients while being monitored. Once the internship program is completed, the candidate can apply for their dental certificate or license.