Like everyone else, you are probably intrigued if Kim Kardashian got her perfect curves using a waist trainer. After all, a part of the popularity of these products can be credited to her. For the uninitiated, a waist trainer is more like a contemporary version of the age-old corset. Corsets were more uncomfortable to be precise, as many were made of steel. The new age waist trainers are effective and certainly more comfortable an easier to wear. If you check about how to use a waist trainer body shaper to lose weight, you will find a bunch of suggestions online. However, we wanted to simplify things for you at the core level. Here are some quick tips.

Waist trainers do work

Yes, that’s true, but there’s a twist – waist trainers don’t work alone. In short, you cannot expect to magically lose weight around the waist and tummy just by wearing one of these products. These are designed to supplement the weight loss process. Below are a few lifestyle changes that will help you with the effort.

  • Start exercising. Even an hour of brisk walking or running is enough for most women. Of course, if you can add a little of weight training to the regimen, results can be better. You will also find workouts that are targeted towards your abdomen muscles and waist.
  • Avoid the wrong foods. By this, we refer to junk and processed foods. Avoid anything that comes in a packet, has added preservatives, additives and processed meats. Eat raw, fresh and local at all times.
  • Reduce the portion size. There is nothing wrong in having cheesecake, but always go for a smaller cube or portion. By reducing the portions of food, you can cut down a considerable number of calories.
  • Stay active. Walk when you can and take the stairs instead of the elevators. Smaller lifestyle changes can help you take more steps a day, and the ideal number is 8,000, although experts now recommend taking at least 10,000 step each day.
  • Be consistent. Words are not enough to stress on the fact that weight loss is a continuous process and not an event that’s over in a day. You have to be consistent at what you do.

About using waist trainers

First and foremost, do not be too harsh on your body. Find a product that’s designed for your body type and shape. There are three things you must check while buying a waist trainer –

  • Curve
  • Length
  • Suitability

Some products are best suited for petite shapes, while others have adjustable features. The length defines the overall size of the waist trainer – some can be designed to cling the entire area below the bust to the thighs. You may also want to check the curve. The products with extreme curve can be harder on the waist, and therefore, comfort is a factor worth considering. Getting in shape is not a choice anymore, and you must get one of these trainers to supplement the process.