Being diagnosed with a fertility issue can be frustrating. But, this doesn’t mean you should decide egg donation right away. Take time to compose yourself and be in your right emotional and mental state. Picking an egg donor is an important decision you should take seriously.

Important Considerations

When it comes to picking an egg donor, decide if you want the donor to be anonymous or not. A number of future parents choose to get to know the donor and hope they could meet the kid in the future. Others prefer anonymous because they don’t want them to get involved with the child. For lesbian couples, it works by having the other person donating the egg and the other receiving the egg. But, if you need to find a donor, look for the website of the donor egg bank nearest you. Explore other donors and examine their profile carefully. Make sure you have a good vibe about them. A good donor should be:

  • At least 21 years old but not older than 30.
  • Good physical and psychological health with detailed medical history.
  • No history of drug and smoke use.
  • With a proportional body.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

A healthy, young and physically-attractive college student doesn’t make a perfect egg donor right away. Medical examinations are carried out that involve both physical and psychological tests. Also, the donors will be tested for sexually transmitted diseases and some genetic conditions. When picking a donor, blood type is also another essential factor to take into account. If you choose to find an anonymous donor, blood types should be matching. This makes it easier to provide your child with your blood in case he or she will need a blood transfusion in the future and vice versa. Moreover, since it makes sense to feel a connection with the donor, you must consider their personality. Check their interests and hobbies as well as sports. You will want to choose somebody who shares your interests.

After narrowing your choices of egg donors, consider where they are based. If they are local donors, this means savings for you in terms of flights and accommodations. Thus, if your budget is tight, consider finding local donors. However, if this does not work for you, begin finding donors abroad. Reputable infertility treatments in countries like Spain should be able to offer you IVF with donor eggs in Spain.