Wellness is a state of mind. If you are feeling tired and bogged down by your daily routine, consider spending some time enjoying a massage at one of the known spas near you. For those who want to experience wellness beyond a massage, thermotherapy is a good step-up for them. Thermotherapy, also called thermal experience, is a kind of wellness ritual, which involves dry sauna, ice-cold dip or shower, and sessions of intense relaxation. Only selected spas, such as www.stromspa.com, offer thermal experience, and in this post, we are decoding a few aspects before you consider the option.

Understanding the thermal experience

The overall objective of thermal experience is to shock the body. The first step is usually about a session of hot sauna, which can last for 15 minutes, following which you will be asked to take an ice-cold shower or dip in a pool with extreme low temperature just for 15 seconds. The final step is to relax in a calm room or outdoor space for about 20 minutes. To gain the maximum benefit out of thermal experience, the entire process must be repeated for at least three to four times, and the session can take somewhere between two to three hours.

Benefits worth knowing

Thermotherapy has many benefits. The hot session allows the body to sweat, getting rid of toxins and cleansing the skin. The overall experience dilates the capillaries, which replenishes the skin. There is evidence that thermal experience can help the cardiovascular system and can also strengthen the immune system, mainly because the body is subjected to sudden change in temperature. If you have mild depression, anxiety and insomnia, thermal experience can help in getting relief. Follow up your session with a massage, and you can actually feel your muscles unwinding.

Finding a spa

Not all spas offer thermal experience, so check in advance. Keep in mind that the facilities and ambience of the spa matters more than anything else, and therefore, it is always a good idea to spend a tad more for a better wellness center. You can also check the website of a spa to know more on packages. Combining thermal experience with a massage can cost a lot less.

Bottom line

The feel after a session of thermotherapy is beyond words. We recommend that you take your spouse along to enjoy the experience better, and yes, don’t shy away from asking questions before the session starts.