A long time ago, 1979 to become exact, I had been hosting a seminar on using tens for pain, especially gas pain publish surgically, and something of my visitors was an anesthesiologist, Dr. Mazur. In those days a perplexing problem was how did tens reduce publish operative pain and also at our seminar we’d two most knowledgeable physiotherapists in the world explaining how tens labored to lessen pain, however no explanations made an appearance to deal with the “why” of publish operative pain.

It was in the period that electrotherapy was showing it might accelerate bone repair ( non-union fractures) and soft tissue repair for example was observed in healing decubitus ulcers ( bed sores ). Nobody was really promoting using electrotherapy for speeding up healing following surgery, but the amount of sophistication for that industry, was simply publish operative pain control.

I recall remarking to Dr. Mazur which i was sorry we’re able to not give you a better answer about his utilization of tens for publish operative pain that he responded, and even today I’ve always appreciated the next.

“Bob that isn’t complicated whatsoever. What’s going on is upon the cutting of muscle tissues the tissue loses it’s tension or tone and becomes flaccid. If this sounds like within the abdominal areas then your flaccidity from the muscles enables the gas to improve and pain starts. The facility being provided externally is maintaining muscle tone or restoring it faster than you’d have without them. In my experience it’s really no more difficult than that. “

I discovered that to become a pretty good answer, for the following 2 decades, so far. What’s unfortunate is really many people are suffering publish operative pain needlessly, when it may be reduced, if perhaps upon closure an interferential unit were applied and also the stimulation began. That old reasoning of Dr. Mazur still applies however we all know that electricity can really accelerate tissue repair and also the patient can get back normal function and mobility faster by adding interferential.

This isn’t to state that in most publish operative situations using interferential is essential as it definitely is not. We have found through experience there are lots of situations in which the pain is actually not too great nor lengthy lasting that using non habit developing drugs might be totally sufficient, but there are several surgeries the patient is much better offered through interferential publish operatively.

Cancer of the breast surgery, thoracotomies, cancer surgeries, most intestinal surgeries, amputations, memory foam surgeries for example knee replacements, hip joint replacements are the surgeries in which the patient is much better offered by stopping undue pain instead of cope with it after it’s began.

Obviously when you cut tissue or bones you will see more pain than initially but the aim of good surgeons would be to cause no further injury to their sufferers and lower the painful episodes following a surgery.

I am sure many people know about patients who’ve declined additional needed surgeries for example in knee replacements and hip joint replacements within their other joint due to the pain following a first joint substitute surgery. We are able to assist in preventing this reaction now by stopping pain before surgery instead of attempting to address it after.

For fast recovery of a patient who has undergone surgery it becomes mandate that they are treated with surgery Pain Singapore methods so that you would make recovery easy for your close ones. You would not have to worry as these methods are legal.