Hot yoga involves going into a 100-degree room with other yogis. Doing hot yoga on a regular basis provides many health benefits. Hot yoga is available in different styles so it is best to choose a practice that works for one ’s self. Regardless of the type of hot yoga you chose, below are some of the benefits you can enjoy from it:

Detoxifying the Body

Hot yoga includes heavy sweating which helps in flushing toxins from the skin. Toxins and chemicals are all around us. We can get them from the water, air, and products we use. Sweating is a natural means to eliminate the toxins out of the system. After your hot yoga session, you feel lighter and cleaner from the inside and outside.

Improving Range of Motion

A lot of us sit practice a sedentary lifestyle while others are physically active. Whatever your lifestyle is, chances are your joints and muscles are tight. Hot power yoga at Zen Den can help in lengthening your tight muscles. Also, the heat in hot yoga helps in relaxing the muscles and having a greater range of motion. This makes you feeling stretched, improving your flexibility faster.

Exfoliating the Skin

As the temperatures of the body increases, the pores open up for sweating. This occurs as the body wants to prevent overheating. When sweat escapes through the pores, toxins and dirt go with it, resulting in acne and blemishes. This makes it essential to splash the face or shower after doing a hot yoga to eliminate the grime from the skin.

Increasing your Intensity Level

Usually, the heat in hot yoga is the most difficult thing to get used to. The heat increases your intensity level and this is something you cannot get when you practice yoga in a room temperature. Such extra intensity takes your practice to a new level, giving you a mental release.

Improving your Heart

As your intensity increases, you get awesome cardio benefits from your hot yoga practice. Hot yoga provides more than one incredible experience. Aside from exercising the body, it exercises your mind and spirit and of course your heart.

Improving Thyroid Function

Those who have hypothyroidism find it difficult to break a sweat when they exercise in a temperate room. That is why they should try hot yoga. This practice helps them induce a sweat which can free up the thyroid receptors for iodine use. As a result, they will have a better thyroid function.