Tobacco is injuries to your health – period. No matter the form, tobacco is linked to a number of health risks. Smokeless tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco, might not be linked with lung cancer, but may contribute to oral cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. If you are into chewing tobacco, it’s time to make the switch towards herbal tobacco substitutes. Herbal chews are designed to make people wean off from nicotine in a gradual way. Critics, however, argue that herbal chews still contain nicotine. In this post, we take a look at Herbal Chew – A Chewing Tobacco Alternative.

How good are herbal chews?

Let’s start by saying that no two products are the same. Every herbal chew may contain different strengths of nicotine, but some are designed to reduce your intake of nicotine immediately. For your information, a regular can of chewing tobacco contains about 250mg of nicotine on an average, so if you are opting for a good herbal chew that contains around 200mg of nicotine, you are already reducing the dose. The best products in the market don’t contain any caffeine and are not designed to mimic the taste of chewing tobacco. In fact, if you have selected the right herbal chew, it will create an experience that may seem similar to chewing tobacco but the taste will be different.

Giving up chewing tobacco with herbal chews

If you want to wean off of tobacco and nicotine, herbal chews can come in handy. Many products have been launched in variants. So, if you start with the full-strength product that contains around 200mg of nicotine, you can eventually move to another chew that contains 100mg. Eventually, you can go for a chew that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all. Basically, herbal chews help in satisfying the craving that tobacco users often have, but it doesn’t deliver as much nicotine, making these a better alternative. Many of these chews have diverse flavors, so you are not compromising on the taste either. People who have used herbal chews to avoid chewing tobacco agree that these chews are almost same e-cigarettes that are designed to help people to quit smoking.

With any product that contains nicotine, you should do your homework and make sure to consult your physician. Used rightly, these herbal chews might be a great shot for getting away from chewing tobacco forever. Check online for the options.