Laser hair removal in Toronto is an effective way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Since the procedure can be costly, it is important that you know the best laser treatment for you. Consult a laser hair removal specialist on the types of laser hair removal machines.

There are a couple of questions to ask before going for a laser hair removal appointment. Does the laser hair removal machine work on your particular skin type? Does the laser machine use the latest technology in hair removal? Will there be any side effects during or after the laser hair removal session?

Here are the main types of laser hair removal machines used and how they work.

  • Alexandrite Laser Machine

This laser hair removal machine works best on light skin with dark hair. Alexandrite laser hair removal in Toronto will not work on dark skin. This laser machine has a long wavelength which can penetrate deeper into the dermis. It is a painless hair removal procedure that gives great results.

The only downside is the risk this laser hair removal method poses to dark skin. A side effect that may occur during treatment is a change in skin pigmentation. This change is more pronounced on dark skin.

  • IPL Laser Machine

This hair removal machine is very advanced and effective in laser hair removal treatments. This is the only laser hair machine that uses various light wavelengths to destroy the hair follicle. Damage on the follicles prevents hair from growing back.

IPL laser machines need trained and experienced cosmetic personnel to operate them.  They produce a weaker wavelength compared to other laser machines. You may need repeated treatment sessions to get the results they want. Change in pigmentation is likely when going for IPL laser machine. If you have dark skin with dark hair, this laser hair removal procedure may not be for you.

  • ND YAG Laser Machine

This hair removal machine works best on dark skin. The laser hair removal machine uses advanced technology to protect dark skin from blistering. This makes ND YAG laser treatment safe for use on all skin types.

ND YAG laser machine produces two types of light wavelengths. Infrared is the first wavelength and it can penetrate deep into the skin. The second light wavelength is ideal for penetrating deep into the follicles. The downside of this laser hair removal procedure is that it does not work on fine hair.

  • Diode Laser Machine

This laser hair removal machine features small diodes that combine to produce a long wavelength of light. Diode laser machine produces longer wavelengths compared to Ruby and Alexandrite laser machines. This longer wavelength ability produces the best results on people with dark skin. People with black or brown hair can also enjoy this laser treatment.

  • Ruby Laser Machine

Ruby laser machines are one of the early options for laser hair removal in Toronto. This machine is ideal if you are looking for a long term treatment for unwanted hair. Though the Ruby laser machine is almost getting phased out, it still gives better results on light skin. This laser hair removal machine does not work on dark or tanned skin.


As you consider laser hair removal in Toronto, ensure you are going for the right service. Discuss with a professional dermatologist about the various laser hair machines and how they can benefit you.

Within the vibrant heart of the South, laser hair removal Atlanta has become a preferred choice for many. This modern technique offers a long-term solution for individuals tired of traditional hair removal methods. By opting for laser hair removal Atlanta, residents can enjoy smoother skin with fewer maintenance requirements.