If you want the expert services, Fat transfer Singapore should be your first choice. They will let you know in which part of your body, you may need a fat transfer procedure.


As per statistics, when patients do a fat transfer procedure to their face, they may get natural-looking outcomes by adding extra volume to their deflated skin. There are smiling lines around our mouth, and if you want to remove it, you can consider fat transferring.

If you are considering plumping up the cheeks or lips and decrease the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, you should choose to utilize your own fat.

You can do breast augmentation

There are many women who don’t want breast implants. For them, choosing a fat transfer to add a small amount of volume to their chest would be the wisest decision. Even modest breast abnormalities caused by biopsies can be corrected with a procedure from ‘Fat transfer Singapore.


Because of natural aging, many changes can be seen most often on the backs of the hands or arms. We have seen many older people’s hands get lose on their backs. According to professionals, rather of using dermal fillers to restore volume, a fat transfer is a more natural approach to give someone’s hands a more youthful look.