It can be exceedingly difficult to decide who has the best online yoga classes unless you want to spend all your time taking free trials. Those trials may not even include the best parts of the website. However, there is a solution to constant experimentation.

Glo offers multiple teachers highlighting a variety of styles on their platform. Theirs is also a subscription model, so one price gets you access to all their content after your trial period. The trial even includes everything, not just a small preview selection. Since it’s compatible with the most common devices, it’s easy to take it where you need it.

Yoga Styles

There are a lot of different yoga practices within the broader style categories. The thing about most membership sites is that they only have one style of yoga available. That’s right, they have one teacher who wants to show you one style of yoga. You may not even know that’s not your style until after you’re committed.

Instead, Glo brings together multiple teachers to create the best online yoga classes. These classes coexist together, so its easy to explore assorted styles and find the one that’s right for you. Plus, if a teacher’s videos just aren’t working for you, it’s easy to swap to someone else. There are over 2,500 videos in the archive, and they often add new videos.

The Teachers

Glo brings together world-class yoga instructors. Each holds a teaching certification in their respective disciplines and have dedicated their lives to their practices. Glo selects each teacher for maximum compatibility and skill.

In addition to teaching classes included in the subscription, Glo also offers courses. These courses often supplement the subscription classes and deep dive into a specific subject. These courses count towards non-contact hours for Yoga Alliance teaching certifications. Each one is unique and offers vast insight gained over years of practice.

Complementary Education

Glo does not just offer the best online yoga classes, they also offer complementary education. Things like meditation classes, quick exercises, and body support work perfectly with yoga. Best of all, it’s people the practices work for teaching you the tricks.

Practicing yoga is an excellent step. However, moving your life towards overall health will help you quickly improve. Things like eating well, exploring your spirituality, and understanding your mind all figure into your overall health. There is no reason that learning these things should be separate from yoga, and with Glo, they are not.

Parting Words

Glo makes it a point to offer the best online yoga classes in their extensive library. The volume of styles and teaching methods is unlike anything else you can find on the web. With that many options in one place, it’s easy to experiment until you find the style and teacher that work for you. As you look for the best online yoga, take a few moments to consider picking the program that gives you options in your practice.