Ascending a boulder or an indoor rock wall requires a significant amount of physical strength and endurance. A number of climbers make it on top through campus board pull-ups and nutritious meals. Rock climbing helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how:

It Builds Muscle and Endurance

When you engage in rock climbing in a rock climbing center montreal, you need more than just upper-body strength. There are physical factors that affect your ability to complete a route. These include lower body strength, footwork, and lean muscle mass. Ascending walls certainly get your heart pumping. Climbing for an hour can burn at least 700 calories. Plus, it can help you discover some flexibility as you overcome tricky moves and lengthy reaches.

Help You Learn Life Skills

For a lot of climbers, rock climbing is more than just getting sweaty and releasing stress. The activity teaches them the following life skills:

  • Problem-solving. Rock climbing is not only brute strength. You need intelligence to determine how to climb the route. You need to decide where to place your hands and feet and how to maneuver your body. They call routes problems for a reason.
  • Persistence and Determination. Sometimes, a rock can seem out of reach. You may begin to feel you are losing your grip. In this situation, you may want to quit or go for it. Rock climbing teaches you to trust yourself and your ability to grab it.
  • Ability to overcome your fear. Nobody wants to land wrong when rock climbing. While heights can be terrifying, climbing can help you overcome this fear. In turn, this will make you feel alive.

Improves Mental Function

When you climb, you tend to solve problems. This is the reason bouldering routes are called problems. Every time you make climbing moves, you engage yourself in body awareness and problem-solving. The way to the top is always not direct and takes force to work through the holds to grab and where to place your foot before you shift your body weight.

Minimize Stress

Any form of physical exercise can help reduce stress by increasing the levels of the chemical called norepinephrine. This chemical helps balance the response of your brain to stress. Studies show that exercise is used to help in treating some mental illness like depression, anorexia, and addiction. Climbing as an exercise allows climbers to gain all these benefits. The activity can let climbers enter a mindset which can create a sense of Europhobia.