Rapid virus testing kits are crucial in preventing the spread and spread of COVID-19. Rapid testing is so important to decrease virus transmission, that the National Institutes of Health launched the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics program in March 2020. This program supports the production, distribution, and use of rapid coronavirus test kits in all 50 states.

Employers, schools, and healthcare facilities can quickly identify those who are infected with the virus. People can be treated quickly for the coronavirus, which may reduce the severity of COVID-19.

You’re here if you are interested in quick COVID-19 test kits that you can use at work or at home and would like to find out more.

Rapid Antigen Testing Kits for Sale

SARS-CoV-2 antigens are detected in nasal and throat fluids by rapid antigen testing kits. Antigens are the molecules of viruses that cause an immune response in the body. Your body reacts to these antigens by making antibodies. These antibodies bind to them and help your immune system eliminate the virus.

Samples are taken and tested for COVID-19 spike proteins antigens. The samples are then applied to a strip of testing paper that contains specially formulated antibodies. These antibodies are designed to bind to the SARS-2 protein antigens. If binding is detected, it indicates an active COVID-19 infected state.

Rapid Antibody Test Kits on Sale

The COVID-19 antibody test is used to determine the presence of antibodies in blood. A binding antibody test can be performed in the laboratory as a chemiluminescent or enzyme-linked immunesorbent assay. Sometimes, it may be a point-of-care test using lateral flow technology.

The antibody test is different from the PCR or antigen test which requires saliva samples or swabs, but it does not require a blood draw. The blood sample is then tested by healthcare professionals for IgG or IgM antibodies.

Order Bulk COVID-19 Test Kits Online

The rapid COVID-19 antigen test is affordable, simple to use, and has a quick turnaround time. These tests are crucial in reducing the spread of viruses to schools, homes, hospitals, and other high-risk areas. Online purchase of reliable rapid COVID-19 testing kits is possible thanks to the internet. We can help you keep your students, employees, and patients safe by selling bulk rapid antigen or antibody kits.

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