Your teeth play a significant role in your look as well as oral and general health. They let you follow a healthy diet and get enough nourishment. But, losing teeth can have many hidden consequences that can affect many aspects of your life such as the following:

General Health

 Missing teeth lead to limited food choices. As a result, you will have nutritional changes that can cause medical issues and impact your general well-being.  Without the chewing pressure which stimulates the bone, the latter will start to dissolve away after the tooth has been extracted.


As the jaw bone deteriorates, the look the face will change as it drapes over the bone. When your face sags, you will look older than your age. This has to do with the shrinkage in the lower and upper jaw bones. Over time, this can lead to profound emotional effects on you.

Teeth Alignment

The teeth support each other much like bricks in the roman archway. If you lose some teeth, the neighboring teeth will have no counter acting force and can erupt upward into your mouth. Without the back teeth, the stress is now placed on the front teeth, overloading and forcing them to move outward and forward. The damage can become more serious without the back molars. The remaining teeth in each side of the lost teeth will start to erupt down into the empty spaces. Over time, the spaces and fanning can get worse and result in looseness and gum disease. Even if you lost just one tooth, the rest of the teeth can also drift.

Daily Bites

The lack of support from the back chewing teeth when the teeth drift, you can experience unusual bites which can cause excessive stress and damage to the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) which connect the two jaw bones. As a result, you will experience headaches and pain.


You speak using your mouth, lips, lower jaw, tongue, and teeth. If these structures experience some changes, the system will be disturbed. If you are missing a tooth, you may find yourself slurring some words, depending on where the bigger gaps are. The front teeth and the way your tongue moves in that space will help in forming some letters correctly. The teeth you lost will change the ease in which you speak and how much thoughts you have to put into saying them without lisping or spitting.

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