With hundreds of marijuana products available on dispensary shelves, you can easily get overwhelmed when you walk into one of these for the first time. But, it is easier to navigate a dispensary what you know what exactly you want and need. Budtenders at dispensaries should be able to answer any questions you may have.  Before you head to a dispensary, consider the following:

What’s Important to you as a Customer

As a customer, does price, cleanliness, potency, or testing data matter to you? It’s just essential to ensure the dispensary has what you want. Take your visit to the recreational dispensary as a chance to vote with your dollar so take overall quality of the establishment into consideration. Look for websites and applications that host reviews generated by cannabis users.


What you Want or Need

While budtenders know what’s on their shelves, they have no idea of what you want or need. Giving them more insight on the experience you wish to achieve will allow them to give you the best product. Expect to be paired up with a budtender when you arrive at a dispensary. They will walk you through the buying process so be open about what you want.

How you Want to Use the Marijuana Product

Dispensaries sell marijuana products in a variety of forms including edibles, flowers, pills, drinks, concentrates, and more. Some ways to consume cannabis will get you high while others are more of a therapeutic than psychoactive. If you have a preferred consumptions method, inform your budtender. But, if you are curious about a new cannabis product, ask questions.

How you Want to Get High

The way cannabis products get you high vary. If you are using the product for the first time, inform your budtender so you can begin slowly. A lot of elderly people find that strains with CBD help in easing back into taking the product again. But, if you have been using a product for a long time, you should tell your budtender that you want a potent high-THC strain.

What Activity you Want to Do Afterwards

No matter how you want to feel after consuming a cannabis product, there is a difference between working out in a gym and watching your favorite movie. A lot of famous strains today are hybrid, thus you can look for strains that are both mentally-stimulating and muscle-relaxing. In fact, you can find one that can boost your energy and dull your pain threshold. Try to be as descriptive as possible so you can easily find your new favorite strain.