Kratom or Mitragynaspeciosa is identified as a tropical evergreen tree which is found in Southeast Asia and it is native to nations like Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. This compound belongs to the Rubiaceae family just like gardenia and coffee. People use Kratom either by drying, smoking or by chewing. They sometimes put the leaves into tablets, capsules and sometimes boil into tea. Users can feel its impacts even at low dosages and euphoric and opioid-like depressant effects can be felt at higher dosages. The common uses of this compound include pain treatment and it helps in preventing withdrawal from opiates, like heroin or narcotics.

Maeng Da is recognized as a superior-quality strain and it contains more alkaloid compared to its actual counterpart. This alteration permits this variant to enjoy stable growth at the time of environmental factors, like seasonal or weather changes. It is extremely easy to recognize this product as it has darker leaves and they turn greener when they are powdered or crushed. The extracts of these leaves contain more helpful active compounds compared to other variants. Additionally, it has got a pleasing and strong smell and it exhibits a dark green hue when you crush its leaves or when you ground it into a powdered form.

Unlimited benefits

This compound supplies the users with a powerful mixture of mood-boosting and energized effects. This is a feasible choice for growing energy in the morning and it provides more clarity and focuses to take on the challenges for the remaining day. When you take this compound in small to standard dosage then it provides inspiring effects which can help you to remain attentive, awake, and focused. These properties have been proved by countless users who got beneficial impacts like:

  • Improved mental functions and memory
  • Capacity to concentrate
  • Reduced fatigue while doing heavy mental jobs
  • Better stamina
  • Increased enthusiasm
  • Anti-depressing effects
  • Mood enhancing and euphoric feelings

This compound is recognized for its tranquilizing effects which permit the users to cope with pain and supply a more relaxed feeling. Because of its strong powerfulness, there are many users who take this compound in the form of pain-reliever plus a harmless substitute for opiates. In fact, it is also a very effectual performance and sexual mood enhancer. Those who have taken this specific strain of Kratom report that it helps them with concentration and focus and with this compound; they can process more information mentally and definitely with less effort.

The recommended dosage

Like other strains, you are highly required to discover your appropriate dosages of Maeng DaKratom. Discovering the correct balance will make the most of your experience. The suggested dosages are:

  • A beginner should take 2-2.5 g
  • A moderate user should take 3-5 g
  • An experienced one should take 5-9 g

As this compound has got a higher concentration of alkaloids so you are needed to use 20% less quantity in comparison to other forms of Kratom. There are many users who experience optimal results when they increase their dosage by one gram only in every 30-60 minutes. However, the effects are largely dependent on your experience and your weight too. But, in no condition, should you go beyond a dosage of 12-15 g.