Centrophenoxine is a prescribed medicine in many countries. It has been in use from more or less than fifty years. The drug is well known as a tolerable drug for healthy individuals and it works well for people who are suffering from memory loss. Like many drugs, it is advised to women who are pregnant or wants to get pregnant, in their breastfeeding stage to not take this drug. Taking any sort of not recommended drugs in the pregnancy might lead to complications with the fetal development.

There is a recommendation of 250mg – 1500mg per day for normal healthy people. If the person is a new consumer of the drug it is better to start with small amount most preferably 250mg of powder of capsule twice a day. The regular users must take in 350ms or 500mg twice a day according to the adequate need. However, you should not take the drug before sleeping as it will disrupt with your sleep/ wake cycle.

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If taken above recommended Centrophenoxine dosage, the drug shows side effects or typical symptoms of Nausea, Dizziness, Stomach issues which include intestine problems.

The effect of the drug can be increased if it is used in combination with some other drug like nootropics. Staking helps to get rid of the side effects, the physician’s advice is must in this case also.

Benefits of using Centrophenoxine:

There are only a few drugs which can enter the blood passing the strongest barrier such called as the blood-brain barrier, this makes it difficult to cure any disease inside the brain. One such drug known drug is Centrophenoxine brain damage can be cured to an extent. It can be used as a treatment of popular disease dementia where a person loses his or her memory. The drug reduces the deterioration of the brain, the process that increases senility and dementia can also be lowered down with the use of the drug. Once, entered through the blood-brain barrier it maintains the intracellular water contents and the flow in check. This can prevent causing dehydration in the brain which is the major cause of dementia.

The drug helps a lot to improve the levels of acetylcholine in the brain improving the memory of an individual. It can also inhibit the beta-amyloid residue in helping to fight against ageing and boosting brain health. The drug has many more effects on the brain.