I have always tried new and interesting ways to help improve my fitness. I read an article around 4 months ago, and it described how cannabis can help improve fitness. Of course, I was surprised, and I’m sure you are aswell if you are hearing this fact for the first time.

There are many athletes who are making use of cannabis – and it is common to see this sort of use in UFC type sports. Competitors have noticed that marijuana actually acts as a great training aid by improving recovery time from any injuries that they receive and with “numbing” chronic pain that they suffer from as a result of taking part in their sport. As well as helping athletes deal with pain, it is also useful in decreasing the feeling of nausea and improving mood. It is no surprise that this anecdotal evidence has lead to an increase in the numbers who use cannabis for sport.

I decided to give it a shot. It is important to vape it in my opinion instead of smoking so it doesn’t damage your lungs. Even edibles are recommended, as edibles are slow to act but the effect lasts for a longer period of time. I found that the active ingredients of THC and CBD really helped in increasing my own personal pain threshold, allowing me to push myself to the limit when working out, so I feel like I get more out of each training session. It is important to note that this doesn’t work for everyone, as it can have the opposite effect of decreasing motivation to even go to the gym and workout. There is a fine balance to be made.

As a rugby player, I am often subjected to a lot of injuries, so I am interested in anything that reduces the pain that I suffer from on an ongoing basis. I’ve always had a troublesome back, and I found the strain that I chose was excellent at reducing the pain, making me able to play. I have stopped taking powerful pain killers that often gave me bad side effects, so the effect on my own personal health is transformational!

I don’t want to recommend any strains that I used for pain relief as the effect differs from person to person depending on your dosage, gender and the method that you used to take on the cannabis. You can speak with your local dispensary who may be able to offer a recommendation for your own personal needs.