By 2030 it’s predicted that around two million Americans will live in some type of senior living community. As our population continues to age, a growing number of seniors will consider assisted living as a way to maintain their independence and quality of life.

No matter if you’re considering elderly placement for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll want to learn as much information as possible about each of the prospective assisted living homes. Here are 8 questions to ask.

1. What’s Available?

One of the first questions to ask is whether or not there’s an opening at the assisted living home. Depending on the area, certain homes may have a wait-list. If you need to move to an assisted living community as soon as possible, knowing the home’s availability is crucial.

2. What Services are Included?

Before choosing an assisted living home, you want to have a thorough understanding of what your monthly fee includes. Knowing what costs and services are covered makes it much easier to pick the right community. Pay attention to items such as housekeeping, utilities, WiFi, and cable to see if they’re covered in your monthly rent.

3. What Types of Activities are Available?

Assisted living homes can be (and should be!) far from boring. You want to find a home that offers a wide range of activities for residents to take part in on a daily basis. Engagement and social activities keeps the brain and the body young!

4. Is Transportation Available?

No one likes to feel stuck, so finding an assisted living community that offers transportation or transportation alternatives is important. Having the option to travel to the grocery store, bank, or some area in town ensures that seniors feel independent and mobile.

5. What is the Staff-to-Resident Ratio?

To ensure that you or your loved one will receive top notch care, you want to ask about the staff-to-resident ratio at the assisted living facility. It’s best to choose an assisted living home that offers a larger staff, ensuring that the necessary care and attention can be provided for each resident.

6. How Many Staffers Work Overnight?

Emergencies happen, and there’s no telling when you or your loved one may need assistance. For everyone’s peace of mind, you want to know that there is a team of overnight staffers that can help around the clock. This way you can ensure there is always someone available no matter the hour.

7. What Health Services are Available?

Many assisted living communities have partnerships with doctors, dentists, and other health specialists to make routine trips. Finding an assisted living home that offers screenings and vaccination clinics makes proper health care much easier for residents.

8. What Meal Options are Available?

As we age, eating healthy is more important than ever. You want to be sure to ask about how meals work at the assisted living home. Most communities provide meals in a dining room setting with an assortment of daily choices. Be sure to also ask about any food allergies or dietary restrictions that apply to you.


By asking these 8 questions, you can ensure that you’re choosing the right assisted living community for yourself or your loved one. Here’s to making the best of your Golden Years in a happy and healthy assisted living home!