Month: May 2019

  • How Toric IOL Works In Correcting Astigmatism During Cataract Surgery?

    Many people suffering from cataract will have blurry vision, after cataract surgery. Therefore, they will not be free from eyeglasses. In the past IOLs were used for cataract surgery but were not

  • Careers in Dentistry increasing

    According the Ada the twenty-first century promises to become a quality century for dental professions as well as for dental procedures. Dentistry is experiencing a rise unlike any since its

  • The Most Common Types of Hearing Tests

    Millions of people around the globe experience some form of hearing loss. While there are often obvious signs of hearing impairment, a hearing test is required to diagnose the condition. A hearing

  • The Role of a Naturopath

    A naturopath is someone who practices naturopathy − a practice that takes a holistic approach to wellness. A naturopath helps patients to live healthier livesso they reduce health problems caused